Proven quality

Our objective is to manufacture high-quality lift sliding doors which offer a combination of precision, a substantial service life, appealing design and optimum operating convenience.
Our products therefore comply with some of the most stringent quality standards, including the RAL Class A standard (in accordance with DIN EN 12608) for wall thickness of the frames. However, the quality of our products also exceeds the minimum statutory requirements in various other areas. Furthermore, SCHMIDT has been the proud bearer of the RAL quality mark for uPVC frames since 1984. Our highly extensive quality management system enables us to monitor and continually improve the entire production process. We use our own computer-controlled test bench to monitor various properties of our products during series production, including air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load.
All of these measures enable us to provide our clients with exactly what they expect of us: no-compromise quality which one can rely on.