System QuinLine® 84 | Special options

Exclusively from SCHMIDT


Concealed electromotor drive system.
The eVOMATIC® automatic drive system is invisibly incorporated in the frame, which makes it truly revolutionary in terms of both functionality and design.

  • Invisibly incorporated electromotor drive system
  • Exclusively for the QuinLine® 84 System
  • Automatic opening and closure of doors with just one click on the button
  • Easy operation by means of operating pad on sliding sash or optional remote control unit
  • Modular system with central control
  • Easily commissioned
  • Safe overload cut-out switch


Built-in electromotor drive system
The combination of our proven lift slide fittings and the latest drive technology complies with the requirements for a high level of living convenience in every respect.

  • Convenient passage for both 2- and 4-sash systems
  • Safe operation thanks to overload cut-out switch
  • Operation by means of a handle, knob, remote control or photoelectric sensor
  • Push-and-go function operated by giving the sash a slight shove

Security packages

While the standard fittings already offer sound burglary protection, the level can be further increased by fitting one of a range of security packages available.

Components: locking cam, lift-out safety feature, lockable handle and extra measures in the sash, frame and glazing.

Magnetic switch

The latest security components, such as a magnetic switch, can help you prevent unauthorised access to your home.

  • Contactless monitoring of the sliding sash
  • VDS certificate for Class C burglar alarm systems
  • Available at your request, either fitted at works or as a separate kit for subsequent installation
  • Invisible from the outside when closed

Electronic transmission switch

You can improve your personal security considerably by having the glazing in your lift sliding door electronically monitored.

  • Contactless connection between glass breakage sensors and the burglar alarm system avoids the need to fit wiring or alarm glass
  • Inductive signal and power transfer
  • Transmitter with 6-pole cable and receiver incorporated in the frame

Handle with alarm and glass breakage module

The alarm handle and the glass breakage module offer you a greater sense of security in your home.

  • Decentralised battery-powered alarm system
  • Permanent status monitoring by means of coloured LEDs
  • Loud alarm signal (approx. 100 dB) in the event of intrusion
  • Easy subsequent installation
  • Available in white and silver-coloured versions

Turning handles

We have a vast selection of turning handles for the operation of your lift sliding door. They are available in various shapes and colours, and with a variety of functions.

  • Turning handle in three designer models
  • Cup grip on the outside
  • Turning handle on the inside, lockable by means of frame cylinder
  • Turning handle on the inside and outside, lockable by means of frame cylinder
  • Available in white, EV1 anodised, cream, brown, black, stainless steel, polished brass and titanium-look F9

Barrier-free building

The following components enable you to construct a barrier-free living space:

  • Extended stainless steel turning handle (l = 400 mm) can be operated using less force
  • Adapted transmission with a turning handle at a height of 847 mm (from the bottom of the sliding sash to the middle of the turning handle)

Convenience package

The convenience package comprises both springs and dampers for the convenient opening and closing of your lift sliding doors.

  • Springs make for considerably lower operating force when opening the door
  • Dampers ensure that the sliding sash drops in a smooth and controlled manner
  • Recommended for sashes weighing 200 kg and upwards

Ventilation slot (QuinLine® 84 System)

The ventilation slot of the lift sliding door provides a combination of convenient ventilation and a high level of anti-burglary security.

  • Anodised aluminium ventilation frame with integrated anti-insect mesh
  • 2-piece security pin for safe closure in the ventilation position
  • Invisible from the outside when closed