System QuinLine® 84 | Colours

Show your true colours – lend your home character of its own

The options available in terms of colours are almost boundless. Choose the colour from our extensive range which best suits your home.
There is a huge variety of coloured films available for our lift sliding doors. This ranges from classic wood patterns to a broad palette of solid colours – we can cater to literally all clients’ wishes. These films are distinguished by their high levels of weather resistance and colour fastness. The film can be applied to either one or both sides of the lift sliding door – depending on the client’s wishes – in such a manner that the entire frame tube is fully covered.
Other colour options are available in the form of aluminium protective shells. These protective shells can be powder coated or anodised in various colours – in keeping with your personal tastes or local conditions. The protective shells are attached to the frame tube using floating mounts, allowing them to expand and contract independently of the frame.
A coloured film or an aluminium protective shell: both options lend your lift sliding door a high-quality appearance, as well as a tough and low-maintenance surface. There are no limits to your own creativity therefore.

The advantages at a glance

  • High-quality film for colour fastness and a substantial service life
  • Choice of a vast range of films for the exterior, and interior too if you wish
  • If film is applied to both sides, then the basic colour of the frame remains invisible, even when the sliding sash is open
  • The exterior of the aluminium protective shell can be either powder coated or anodised