eVOMATIC® | Product

eVOMATIC® – the invisible revolution in the field of convenience

The eVOMATIC® automatic drive renders the QuinLine® 84 System lift sliding doors truly revolutionary in terms of both functionality and design. This innovative drive technology, which is available as an optional extra, is invisibly incorporated in the frame. The eVOMATIC® is easy to operate by means of an operating pad on the sliding sash or a remote control unit. These new technologies enable you to effortlessly open and close the doors almost silently with just the press of a button.

The advantages at a glance

  • Invisibly incorporated electromotor drive system
  • Exclusively for the QuinLine® 84 System
  • Automatic opening and closure of doors with just the press of a button
  • Easy operation by means of operating pad on sliding sash or optional remote control unit
  • Modular system with central control
  • Easily commissioned and comprising a safe overload cut-out switch

Convenience and design – details


  • Intuitive operation by means of three buttons: open, stop and close
  • Remote control unit available on request
  • Tastefully designed operating pad
  • Surface: white and EV1

Drive unit

  • Lift drive unit incorporated in the frame at the base of the sash
  • Concealed slide drive unit in the top of the sash
  • Panel weights of up to 400 kg
  • Emergency unlocking

Power connection and control

  • Power connection by means of a 230V plug
  • Built-in power adapter in frame, comprising 24V transformer
  • Two 24V batteries incorporated in sliding sash
  • Smart control with overload cut-out switch
  • Simple learning process and automatic safety distance

Barrier-free access

  • Barrier-free access, thanks to availability of threshold compliant with the DIN 18040 standard