The product

New possibilities, optimal living comfort.

SCHMIDT lift sliding doors are an architectural design element and eye-catcher in one. They make the boundaries between indoors and out merge seamlessly: the living space expands, nature integrates with the residential landscape and the quality of living increases. Our lift sliding doors are available in a wide variety of models and colours, while they can also be equipped with numerous safety features. They are custom-made to size and offer optimum convenience, maximum safety and security and a considerable service life. The major glazing elements in our lift sliding doors provide both ample light and the joys of life, while at the same time offering protection from the cold, noise and other unwanted external influences.
The frames of the lift sliding doors have slender dimensions, thus making for a substantial glazed surface and vouching for optimum transparency. The doors can also be opened and closed highly conveniently, thanks to their proven fitting technology which is easy to use.
Despite their slender and elegant design, SCHMIDT lift sliding doors distinguish themselves from rivals by means of their optimum stability, maximum impermeability to driving rain and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The QuinLine® 84 System lift sliding doors are even suitable for passive houses.

SCHMIDT lift sliding doors stand for an entirely new living experience – on the interface of boundless freedom and pleasant snugness.