The company

The specialist for tailor-made products

SCHMIDT develops and produces high-quality uPVC lift sliding doors – in accordance with our clients’ personal wishes, offering optimum quality and innovative solutions. The frame systems which we have developed turn our products into structural design elements, which enable us to comply with the demand for spacious, transparent architecture in a unique fashion. However, our lift sliding doors simultaneously comply with the most stringent requirements in the area of energy efficiency, ergonomics and convenience.
We supply our major construction elements, which are manufactured in strict accordance with our clients’ wishes in terms of both design and dimensions, to businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They then sell on our ready to install lift sliding doors to the wholesale trade or directly to private customers.

Get acquainted with our exclusive product range straight away, in order to offer your customers new perspectives when designing their own home. Discover the boundless possibilities – with lift sliding doors by SCHMIDT.